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The Shamanic reality map

Updated: Jun 19, 2023

Throughout our history we have subscribed to many different reality maps. From various different religious and theological perspectives.

Today the more commonly accepted reality map is that from science. And of course if you don't follow the current agreed map of reality you are often shunned and ridiculed; which is ok, I have no problem being the outsider!

Now to a practitioner of Shamanism, the reality map is vastly different, from a Celtic/European perspective, the universal map of reality is a tree!

In Celtic Shamanism we see the Crann Bethadh, who roots and branches connect at the outer circle, symbolising that everything is connected and cyclical in nature.

In the Northern European Shamanism we see the image of Yggdrasil, with the tree connecting the 9 realms together.

I have spoken many times about the symbiotic relationship between humans and Trees, the connection between its roots and branches, between Air and breath.

"We like Trees need Solar Energy to Survive, we are nourished by it, we get essential vitamins from the Sun. We need Water too. And of course we breathe out Carbon dioxide, which the Trees breath in, breathing out Oxygen, which we in turn breath in."

Not only is the whole cosmology held together by the tree, with the roots connecting the lower world, the Trunk forming the middle world, and of course the branches connecting the upper world.

Which on an energetic level would make this realm of existence look like a Torus- a funnel of energy at the top and bottom flowing into a singular point at the centre.

Similar to how the Root and Crown Chakra, with their spinning Vortex entry points, flowing into the Heart Chakra.

At birth we are connected with a Sacred Tree, it anchors us to this world. This is not a physical Tree, but a Tree that lives in the Space between the World's. When the practitioner closes their eyes they enter into this realm to connect with their World Tree, their own personal Axis Mundus.

It is this Tree that we use to Travel the known realms, the Lower, Middle and Upper.

We can use this Tree for deep forms of healing, by Shape Shifting into the Tree, drawing energy up through the Roots from Mother Earth, into the Heart Chakra and out into the Body. We can also draw energy down from Father Sky in through the Branches and into the heart and out through the body.

Again this looks, on an Energetic level like a Torus. The bottom vortex being Mother Earth Energy and the top, Father Sky- Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine, a perfect flow of Energy.

Which makes this Realm a place of Love, the Heart Chakra. And we come here to evolve by learning unconditional love- when you look at many of our corporeal issues, love Vs fear plays a central role!

Of course you won't find this information in any science book, because this is Sacred Science, it is natural magick. A way to understand reality on a deeper level!

There's a plethora of different Spirits that live on this plane too, from the Nature Spirits, that tend the Garden of the World, to the Elementals that enable us to tap into Mother Nature's Magick. And more in between, Above and Below.

There is more to our reality then we can see with Human Eyes, I have talked before about seeing through the Heart, if this realm is The Heart Chakra, then it stands to reason that the best way to become aware of it is to connect on the Heart level.

And when I reflect on the various Traumas I have experienced, the one outcome that comes to mind is the closing of my heart. And that through healing I was able to reopen my heart and experience a world full of magick and wonder!

And if you really want to see how the world truly looks, to understand it's magick, you don't even need to ask or be a Shaman; just ask a child, for they are pure and know the true nature of this reality, as they are still deeply connected to the Creator!

Blessings of the Land, Sea and Sky

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