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Our Top Pick Witchcraft Supplies for Love Spells!

Updated: Jul 4, 2023

In the realm of the Mystical and Magickal, witchcraft has held a special place for centuries. Today, we're going to delve into the world of Witchcraft supplies, specifically those used for love spells. We've curated a list of our top picks, each item chosen for its quality, potency, and the role it plays in the casting of powerful love spells.

The Magic of Love Spells

Before we dive into our top picks, let's briefly discuss the magic of love spells. Love spells are a form of witchcraft that focuses on love, attraction, and relationships. They can be used to attract a new love, strengthen an existing relationship, or even mend a broken heart.

Our Top Picks for Witchcraft Supplies for Love Spells

Rose quartz is known as the stone of love. It is believed to open the Heart Chakra, allowing love to flow freely. It's a must-have for any love spell.

Rose Quartz represents unconditional love and peace, essential for creating solid, loving relationships. When considering Unconditional Love, we often think of others, but an essential step in enjoying a life of abundant blessings, is Unconditional Self Love.

We can use Rose Quartz Hearts to symbolise deep self love, love of others, or attracting supportive, Unconditionally Loving relationships into our lives.

In Witchcraft, red symbolises passion and desire. Red candles are often used in love spells to ignite the flame of love.

Connected with the Element of Fire, representing the Spirit, Life, Passion, Red Candles add that extra spark to your Love Magick. Combine with Pink Candles to add Unconditional Love into your mix.

A great and simple way to use your Red Candles in Love Magick is to write out your Intentions on Paper (With Dragon’s Blood Ink) or on Bay Leaves, and burn them. Please ensure you practice Fire safety- have a fire proof pot, water, sand and use tweezers.

Lavender is known for its calming and soothing properties. It's used in love spells to promote harmony and peace in relationships.

When combined with Myrrh Resin, we can create a Potent Incense to bring peace into our lives. Myrrh is connected to the Element of Water (Emotions), whilst Lavender is Air (Mind/thinking).

Burning and inhaling this incense or using it to clear your Magickal space prior to Workings will help relieve and release any pent up emotions, worries or fears; making for a more powerful ritual.

These specially blended oils are infused with Heart Centred Energy, sometimes with added Herbs and Crystals that correspond with love and attraction. They can be used to anoint candles, crystals, or even yourself during a love spell.

Roses are the universal symbol of love. Rose petals can be used in a variety of ways in love spells, from creating a love-drawing bath to decorating your altar.

Rose Petals Help release old trapped, stick emotions in your heart, when brewed into a Tea with Hawthorn Berries, they become a Potent blend to release old emotions after a difficult break up.

6. Pink Salt

Pink salt, especially Himalayan pink salt, is used for its purifying properties. It can be used to cleanse your space before casting a love spell.

When using any Salt, it's always good to know that we can blend our Salt with other Ingredients. Grind your Pink Salt with Rose Petals, Lavender and Cinnamon, this will create a potent mix that will Attract, new Romantic and Passionate Love into your Life when used in Love Magick

7. Honey

Honey is often used in love spells for its sweetening effects. Honey represents the Sweetness in life and it is believed to sweeten the feelings between two people.

Honey is the byproduct of the Pollination process by Bee’s, within Druid Magick, Bee’s are Sacred and the Pollination princess represents manifestation, the spreading of the Seeds of life across the Wildwood.

8. Spell Books

A good spell book can provide you with a variety of spells to suit your specific needs. It's a valuable resource for any Witch.

With so many different types of Magickal workings at our disposal, it can be overwhelming. From simple Candle Magick, to Herbal Charm Bags, Knot Magick and more complex workings, you can rest assured that with a few books at your fingertips, you will always have access to the knowledge you need!

Tarot cards can provide insight and guidance during your love spell journey. The Lovers card, for example, is often associated with love spells.

Many practitioners will tell you that understanding the proper timing to execute your spell is paramount as is knowing whether or not you should perform it; a Tarot or other form of divination will always give you the guidance you require.

10. Moon Water

Moon water is water that has been charged under the light of the full moon. It's often used in love spells to harness the Moon's energy. The Moon is deeply connected to Water, the emotions and Intuition.

It stands to good reason then that Moon Water can be a Potent Ally in your Love Magick. The Full Moon represents the end of the Waxing (Growth) cycles, the Moon is at the Peak of its Energy, items charged in the light of the Full Moon contain this Energy.

For letting go of old Love, charge your Moon water in the waning period to banish, or release a relationship. For the more reflective aspects of the Moon, charge your Water under the Dark Moon, and drink it to “divine” what went wrong during the relationship; or to understand what lessons you may need to learn from the experience.

Whether you're a seasoned witch or a beginner in the craft, these witchcraft supplies can help you cast powerful love spells. Remember, the most important ingredient in any love spell is your intention. So, focus on your desires, believe in the magic, and let love flow.

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What is the most important witchcraft supply for love spells?

While all supplies contribute to the potency of the spell, your intention is the most crucial element.

Can I perform a love spell without these supplies?

Yes, while these supplies can enhance your spell, your focus and intention are what truly powers the spell. Think of your supplies as Gateways, the more Gateways that are open, the easier it will be for your Intentions to travel to you.

Where can I buy witchcraft supplies for love spells?

Our Online Shop has many High Quality, Hand Made, and Hand picked items for Love Magick.

Are love spells ethical?

Love spells that respect free will and are intended to attract love rather than manipulate a specific individual are generally considered ethical.

Can anyone learn to cast love spells?

Yes, with the right intention, focus, and supplies, anyone can learn to cast love spells.

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