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Navigating July’s Claiming Moon Reclaim, Protect, and Transmute with Ancient Wisdom

What desires do you seek to fulfil this month? What do you wish to Claim or Reclaim?

July's lunar phase is referred to as the Claiming Moon, possibly rooted in an ancient system of justice.

In a modern Celtic context, this presents an opportunity to pursue our heart's desires or reclaim what has been lost or taken from us.

The Full Moon of July falls on the 3rd, while the Dark Moon occurs on the 17th, with the New Moon Waxing on the 18th

The first seven days of July correspond to the Oak Moon, while the final 24 days align with the Holy Moon in the Celtic Lunar Tree Calendar. This convergence embodies the strength, sovereignty, and endurance symbolized by the Oak Tree, combined with the protective and peaceful qualities associated with the Holy tree. Holy is Sacred to the Druids because of its evergreen nature, symbolizing aliveness in a time when other Trees shed their leaves.

We can utilize the energies of July to reclaim our sense of sovereignty and seek protection in our lives. It serves as an example of how to work with the distinct lunar energies of this month.

Full Moon

The Full Moon in July presents an ideal time to pursue your heart's desires. What do you wish to claim as your own in life?

Have you noticed a budding sense of newfound power or a fresh approach that has emerged? Perhaps you have embarked on a transformative journey, and now is the moment to assert this elevated, enhanced version of yourself!

Full Moons are powerful for initiation. Utilize the energy of this month to claim this evolved self through ceremonial practices. You may choose to write down your intention to embrace this new way of being and burn it, or you can create a more elaborate ritual or ceremony.

Dark Moon

As the Dark Moon invites self-reflection and introspection, consider areas of your life where you may have lost talents, skills, opportunities, or personal power.

If given the chance, what would you call back into your life?

The Dark Moon during this period offers a potent opportunity to look back. We have all encountered situations where we stopped pursuing our passions—times when we abandoned something because others deemed it silly, childish, or unrealistic.

New Moon Waxing

The New Moon Waxing phase presents a powerful opportunity for intention setting. In July, the waxing phase commences on July 18th, aligning with the Holy Moon. During this phase, you can set intentions related to protection, renewal, and transformation.

Holy, also known as "Tinne" in Irish Gaelic, translates to "Ingot." Holy burns with great intensity among trees and was favoured by blacksmiths as a fuel source. It possesses the power to transform, serving as a metaphysical fire that transmutes the soul.

What long-lost aspect of yourself do you wish to reclaim and transmute into spiritual growth?

Magical Herbalism

This month is also referred to as the "Wyrt" Moon, with "wyrt" meaning "wort" or plant. It relates to botanicals with magical properties, such as mugwort, ragwort, or motherwort, hence the alternate name "Herb Moon."

Some magical botanicals associated with this month include:

  • Lavender: peace, calming, and purification

  • Chamomile: dreams, peace, and purification

  • Yarrow: healing, courage, and purification

  • St. John's Wort: protection, peace, and calming

By delving deeper into the influence of the “Wyrt” (Wort) Moon, we must not forget the significance of:

  • Mugwort: purification and protection

  • Ragwort: protection from evil spirits, shamanic/witches flight

  • Motherwort: healing the mother wound and fostering courage

Astrological Energies

Cancer/Leo takes centre stage this month, with Cancer spanning from June 21st to July 22nd, and Leo following from July 23rd to August 22nd. Both the Dark Moon, New Moon Waxing, and Full Moon align with Cancer's influence. Cancer's impact extends to our intimate relationships, including family and home. Once again, we discern the potential to reclaim long-forgotten dreams stifled by familial influences.

As the Waxing Phase gains momentum, it transitions from Cancer to Leo. This combination merges Leo's fiery nature with Holy's transformative fire. It creates an opportune period to harness these two energies for the purpose of spiritual transmutation and alchemy.


While I do not believe it is essential to bind ourselves strictly to celestial bodies, the convergence of diverse celestial and terrestrial energies undeniably facilitates a potent transformative experience.

Regardless of your chosen way to honour and engage with the Moon, consider the aforementioned points as powerful opportunities for spiritual transformation.

If you struggle to find joy, passion, and vitality in life, revisit a part of yourself that you left behind in childhood. It may very well be calling you to reclaim it!

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