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Imbolc, Honouring Brigid as Maiden Goddess

Updated: Mar 28, 2023

Imbolc, pronounced "In-bulk", is the Pagan festival celebrating Brigid, a time to light bonfire and feast in her honour, as a fire and fertility Goddess.

Imbolc sits at the midway point between Winter and spring, the name means "Belly of the Mother", as the seeds of life of ready to give birth across the land. Many animals are giving birth at this time, the milk will soon be flowing, this symbolic of new life and new season, full of hope and growth.

Many modern Pagans honour the Goddess on this day by adorning their altar with corn dollies idols of Brigid, Brigid crosses, milk, white flowers and candles.

The day of Imbolc is a great opportunity to clean ones home, declutter, and sort through our possessions to see what we can throw out and what we can give away. When ever I clean my home I always like to cleanse it magickaly and energetically. However, on Imbolc I like to give it some extra Zing! Making it a more in-depth ceremony.

From sundown on the 1st of February, until sundown on the 2nd we celebrate Imbolc, lighting fires, be it candles, wood burners, fire pits or roaring bonfires, drinking and feasting, giving thanks to the Goddess.

Fire is sacred to the Goddess Brigid, for she is the keeper of the Sacred Eternal Flame, that in ancient times was tended by 13 Priestesses. Druid's see only 3 elements and 3 worlds- the Land (Earth), Sky (Air) and Sea (Water), fire was the sacred element, the spark of life that permeates all other realms and elements. Here we truly see Brigid as a fertility Goddess in all her glory as guardian of the spark of life!

This is a great time to plant seeds, magick seeds to grow our intentions, and what better seed to use than Acorns! Sacred to the Druid's, Acorns are remnants of the season of death, dark and decline, that fall in the lead up to Samhain; as new life follows death, these are great symbols of magick giving birth to new realities!

Usually after my Imbolc ceremony, I take a handful of Acorns, drawing up energy from the Earth, the Sky and the Sacred Fire, I pour into them intentions that I wish to grow over the coming season, I then place them on my Altar as a reminder, adding my energy to them through out the year!

To help you celebrate Imbolc, we have a box dedicated to it and to Brigid, click on the link below!

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