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How to Charge your Magickal tools

There are a variety of methods for charging Magickal Tools, Crystals and herbs, from Reiki to sound, but my preferred method is as follows.

I am going to add a short version and a longer version, please use the one that you are drawn to.

Drawing in Energy- short method

To begin, take a few deep breaths into the still centre of your being, visualize enormous Tree roots, coming out of your feet, traveling deep into Mother Earth. As you breathe, breathe up Green and Gold Energy, up through the roots, up your legs, up into your Heart Centre, on the out breath, breathe that energy out into your whole body.

On the Next In breath, draw in Solar Energy from Father Sky, in through your Crown, into your heart, on the out breath, breathe it out into your body

breathe the Energy out into your body. Continue doing this until your body feels energized.

Drawing in Energy- long method

This method involves shapeshifting into a Tree, and is useful for a variety of practices, including self healing.

Take a few deep breaths, breathing into the still centre of your being, feel your body becoming relaxed with each breath you take. Visualize yourself standing in the middle of an ancient, enchanted and magickal forest.

Feel your body begin to shift, giant roots grow out of your feet, and travel deep into the Earth, connecting into the interconnect root work system that exists in the ground. Your Roots go further, deep into the Lower World. Your roots connect into the Sacred Healing Waters of the Lower World.

Your body begins to shift, growing in size, hardening, forming a protective bark around the outside, stretching up through the Sky.

Your arms reach up, turning into branches, your fingers transforming into Leaves, as you grow your Branches pierce the veil, connecting into the Upper World, its Spiritual Healing Energy.

The leaves on your branches bath in the Solar Energy of the Sun, basking in the Beautiful Sky Energies of the Winds.

With your first breath you draw the nourishing, Sacred Healing Waters up through the roots, all the way through your trunk, up to the branches, and into the leaves, filling them with life sustaining energy.

With your next breath, you draw down, through the leaves, the powerful Solar, Spiritual and Wind Energies, down through the branches, all the way down to the Roots, infusing your whole being with Life giving Energy.

Continue this pattern of breathing until you feel full- if you over do it, and feel “spacey” just let some of that energy out into Mother Earth for healing.

See yourself transform back into your physical self, and return to wakeful consciousness.

Blessing the tool

You are going to want to bless and clear the tool, you can use Sage should you wish, please ensure if you are using Sage that you only use ethical, sustainable sources.

You can use more specific Herbs and Incense that represents your Magickal news should you wish, for example, you could purchase or create a Prosperity Incense to bless a Crystal for Prosperity, like Green Aventurine or Citrine.

You can find our post on How to smudge here if you wish to learn more about smudging.

Charging Magickal Tools

Whichever method you choose to use, you are now ready to charge your items, simply hold the object in your dominant hand, and begin to allow the Energies that you drew in to flow into the Tool.

Now it's charged you can program it, my method for this is to simply say “I now Charge, Consecrate and Activate this (Insert Tool) for the use of (add whatever I am using for). I say this 3 times, and sometimes blow into it as well, adding a little of my own Breath Energy to it.

If you wish to add further intention you can draw Sacred and Magickal Symbols over the top, energetically with your fingers (using your first 2 fingers), you can use the Ogham, Sigils, Bind runes as well.

You can even place your Tool or Crystal on top of a Sigil drawn in ink, add a bed of herbs as well if you wish too!

Another great method of Empowering and Charging Objects is using crushed Acorns, laying the object on top and Laying it in the Sun and Moon Energies.


Whatever methods you use for Charging your Magickal Tools, be creative, Magick should be fun. The more of yourself you bring to your practice, the greater your Magickal Intentions and outcomes will be!

Personally I am very Ritualistic in my practice and tend to bring a lot of different elements into my workings, you don’t have to necessarily go that far, experiment, see what works for you!

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