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Day in a life a Celtic Shaman and Druid- Prayers and Offerings

Each morning Prayers and offerings are an important part of my day, it reinforces my connection to the Deities and Spirit’s that I work with.

These traditions emphasize the deep connection between humans and nature, as well as the importance of maintaining harmonious relationships with the Sacred, Ancestral Spirits, and the natural world. Central to these belief systems is the offering and prayers, which serve as powerful tools for communication, reverence, and spiritual transformation.

In my healing room I have 7 Altars, each dedicated to a particular Deity or group of Spirit’s, each has their own unique offering and invocation.

In Celtic Shamanism and Druidism, offerings and prayers are a means to honour and establish a relationship with the Sacred. The Celtic pantheon is vast, consisting of numerous Gods, Goddesses and Spirits, all associated with different aspects of nature, such as Brigid, the goddess of healing and poetry, or Cernunnos, the god of animals and the wild.

Offerings, such as food, drink, flowers, or sacred herbs, are presented as acts of gratitude, recognition, and devotion to our Deities. Through these offerings, we seek blessings, guidance, and protection from the Sacred Forces that govern our lives.

Prayer and meditation is of equal importance, whilst I have specific Prayers that I make each day, I also free form, and are usually in response to specific issues that may be going on in my life, or in the lives of the people I care about.

This whole process generally takes about an hour of my morning, it never feels like a chore, giving offerings sets the tone for my day, it honours the Sacred in my life and harmonizes my relationship to nature.

This morning whilst I was giving my usual offerings I was sat in front of my Ancestor Altar, on which sits a Statue of Elen of the Ways, the Celtic Reindeer and Ancestor Goddess. Her Offerings are mud, as a very earthy Deity.

Whilst doing my usual offering and invocation, an Ancestor stepped forward and spoke. I was unaware of this person, and certainly not someone that I have ever connected with before. They told me of changes that were about to happen in my path.

I was being called to go deeper with the Animistic aspect of my path, to connect deeper with my Spirit Animals, to practice more Primal Magick. It was relatively vague at first. However the Ancestor beckoned me to follow them.

I was led on a vision into a cave, deep in a Cliff, outside I could hear waves lapping at the shore. Inside this cave were primitive cave paintings, Spirals mostly, as I stared into the Spirals I felt movement all around me, the movement of energy.

Symbols of the Land, Sea and the Sky were revealed, along with Animal skulls, bones and symbols representing Fire.

As I progressed deeper into the Cave I came across a Forest, with an enormous Oak Tree, a white Stag came around from the back of the Tree, a symbol of the Otherworld, he shone with an Illuminating glow, his eyes appeared deep with Wisdom.

The Visions transformed into Winter, snow began to fall- what was this Spirit trying to communicate with me? The Ancestor appeared somewhere off in the distance, and seemed to be observing me. I had the distinct feeling that my behaviour and conduct was of most importance, more so than what was being communicated.

I sat down in the snow and opened my heart to the experience, and welcomed whatever should come. With that the Stag trotted over to me, bowed his head, and placed his forehead on mine. I felt a surge of humility as this Sacred Creator honoured me in such a way.

As we sat there like this for a few minutes I began to feel something stir in my heart and mind, roots began to grow from my heart and go deep in the Earth, I felt my Spirit being pulled somewhere deep into the Earth.

As my Vision followed the Roots, I found beneath me was a Circle of 13 Stones, all black, like Obsidian. Each Stone had a Spirit standing in front of it.

It was here that I understood what was being communicated, this group of Spirit’s represented some Primal group of Ancestors that I was being called to connect with, and with that I felt myself pulled deep into the Earth.

I was sat inside the Circle of Stones, surrounded by these Spirits, all looking at me with a sense of curiosity, again images of primitive cave drawings from earlier flashed through my mind as were images of me in animal skins and an Antlered Head dress.

The Spirits all stepped closer, which felt like an acknowledgement of my presence, a sense of acceptance, no one spoke, and the place felt deathly silent. I felt a strong sense of connection, that this was a place I was to return to, I felt that there was some form of Initiatory experience to take place.

But not yet!

Deep within the still centre of my being there arose a feeling that there was work to be done first, as I said I knew I was being called to enter into a deeper relationship with Primal forces.

My vision began to fade, as I returned to wakeful consciousness, I reflected on what I had seen and had experienced. The only thing I knew was that I had to go on another visionary journey, where this would lead me I do not know, but I know something deep in the Earth is calling to me!

Within the Celtic Path, offerings and prayers hold immense significance, serving as bridges between the Human and Spiritual Realms. Through these practices, we cultivate reverence, establish connections with the Sacred and Ancestral Spirits, and harmonize with the natural world.

By engaging in offerings and prayers, we are reminded of our place in the intricate web of life, fostering a deep sense of belonging, gratitude, and spiritual transformation. These ancient practices continue to provide guidance and nourishment to those of us who seek a profound connection with the Celtic Sacred Lineage.

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