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Attracting Abundance: The 10 Best Witchcraft Supplies for Prosperity Magick

Updated: Aug 7, 2023

Prosperity magick is a beautiful and empowering way to “birth” abundance and prosperity in your life. By harnessing the energies of nature and the universe, you can align yourself with the flow of abundance. In this blog post, we'll explore the 10 best witchcraft supplies that can enhance your prosperity spells and rituals, allowing you to welcome wealth and success with open arms.

Green Candle

Green candles are a cornerstone of prosperity magick. The color green symbolizes growth, prosperity, and financial success. During your prosperity spells, light a green candle to attract abundance into your life. As the flame dances, visualize your intentions manifesting with each flicker.

We use Beeswax in our candles because of the association between Bees and pollination, as Bees pollinate the land they help maintain its growth. In the same way Beeswax Candles will help pollinate your life with your Dreams, bringing them into fruition

Prosperity Ink

Prosperity ink, infused with herbs associated with wealth, is perfect for inscribing your intentions, affirmations or sigils on paper. Use a quill or brush to write out your desires for prosperity and financial success. This powerful ink infuses your intentions with the energy of abundance.

Cinnamon/Prosperity Sugar Sugar

Cinnamon sugar combines the delightful essence of cinnamon with the sweetness of sugar, creating a magickal blend for prosperity. Sprinkle it in your wallet or purse to attract money and financial opportunities. Place at the front door of your business to draw new customers in. The scent of cinnamon also adds warmth to your prosperity rituals.

Prosperity Oil

Prosperity oils, crafted with an array of potent essential oils, are designed to enhance your prosperity magick. Anoint green candles, tools, crystals or your wallet with prosperity oil to amplify your intentions and draw abundance towards you.

Prosperity Spell Blend

Infuse your space with the scent of prosperity incense to create a magickal atmosphere for wealth and success. Our Prosperity Spell Blend is made from Herbs and Flowers associated with attracting money and prosperity.

Burn as an incense each day during the Waxing Moon to help attract success, riches and opportunities into your life, building the Energy each day until the Full Moon.

Grind into a Powder, and dress your Candles during prosperity magick workings. Sprinkle the mix around your Candles during prosperity spells.

Green Aventurine Crystal

Known as the "Stone of Opportunity," Green Aventurine is a powerful crystal for attracting prosperity and good luck. Keep a green aventurine crystal on your altar or carry it with you to enhance your prosperity intentions and welcome abundance into your life.

Place in your prosperity/money bowls, along with cinnamon Sugar to help attract good fortune into your life. You can go 1 step further and build a prosperity altar, gathering tools, images, symbols and Deities representing prosperity, placing your Green Aventurine in the centre!

Prosperity Charms

Create or acquire prosperity charms, such as coins, lucky symbols, or small prosperity deities, to carry with you as a reminder of your intentions. These charms serve as potent talismans to draw prosperity and financial opportunities to you.

You can create beautiful Herbal Charm bags by combining Prosperity, Luck or Success attracting herbs, along with Crystals, Oils and Coins. Add your own Magickal intentions and blessing, and then tie it shut. You can even add the 9 knot spell to seal the deal.

Similarly you create Spell Jars with Money attracting herbs, adding your own Maigckal intentions and blessings, placing the cork in the top and then sealing with Green wax.

Prosperity Room Sprays

Prosperity room sprays infuse your living space with the energy of abundance. Spray them around your home or workspace to create a harmonious environment that attracts wealth and prosperity.

If you follow Feng Shui, your prosperity corner is in the furthest left corner of your home from your front door. Use Prosperity Spray’s to “liven” up the energy and enhance it with Prosperity attracting Energy.

Spray near you front door to welcome fresh, abundant prosperity into your home or business.

Prosperity Attracting Herbs

Several herbs are known for their ability to attract money and abundance, including basil, comfrey, vervain, and chamomile. Incorporate these herbs into your prosperity spells, sachets, or baths to amplify your intentions.

Bay Leaves are a potent ally in prosperity and “birthing” magick, simply write your intentions out on the bay leaf, adding any Sigils you like and then burn in a Green Candle.

Mace Blades, the protective outer covering of Nutmeg is great for not only attracting Prosperity into your life, but protecting sources of Prosperity, especially from bad luck.

Prosperity Spell Kits

For a convenient and powerful approach to prosperity magick, consider using prosperity spell kits. These kits often include a combination of candles, oils, herbs, incense and instructions to guide you through a successful prosperity spell.

Our Prosperity Spell Boxes are connected to Cernunnos, the Celtic God of Wild things, Sexuality and Abundance, in our unique box you will find a spell to invite his cornucopia of abundance and prosperity into your life!


Embracing prosperity magick allows you to align your energy with the abundance the universe has to offer. By using the ten best witchcraft supplies for prosperity magick, including green candles, prosperity ink, cinnamon sugar, and green aventurine crystals, you can amplify your intentions and draw prosperity into your life. Remember to approach these rituals with positivity, visualize your desires coming true, and trust in the magickal powers within you. As you cultivate a mindset of abundance and gratitude, the universe will respond with blessings of prosperity and success. Happy manifesting!

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