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A day in the life of a Celtic Shaman and Druid - Morning Cup of Tea.

Updated: Jun 19, 2023

From the moment I wake I am invoking Magick. I express gratitude and appreciation for the rising Sun and for being alive for another day.

I make a note of anything significant from the dream world.

Today is a beautiful day and an opportunity to be of benefit to the world.

I start my day with a cup of tea, something magickal that I blend myself from various herbs, roots and flowers. I sit and contemplate my dreams, what came up during my night time excursions into the Otherworld. What hidden messages are there to find during my nocturnal activities.

As I sit with my tea, always in a black cup, I stir it, inhale, allowing the steam of tea to mix with the breath in my body, something magickal has begun. A change has occurred, I stare deep into the darkness of the cup, images begin to form in my mind.

I have opened myself up to the guidance of the Spirit’s, what is revealed is of significance to my day, life or current challenges that I may be experiencing at this time.

Last Night I dreamt I was battling a man who was trying to dismiss my faith, what could this mean? Is there some outside force trying to mock my ways, or is this an aspect of myself that I am battling with, maybe a part of my Shadow?

I put my tea aside for a moment and reach for my Tarot Deck, the Wildwood deck is my favourite deck to work with. I shuffle the cards holding in my mind the question- Who was the man I was battling with and what does it mean?

I pull 5 cards to see if there is any further guidance to be gathered. I lay them in the form of the pentacle, I have pulled the 2 of Stones (Challenge), Ace of Arrows (Breath of Life), 2 of Bows (Responsibility), 8 of Arrows (Hawk), and the 6 of Arrows (Transition).

I stare deeply into the cards, wisdom begins to bleed through from the Otherworld, the person I was fighting with was an aspect of myself, I am being called to look deeper into myself, there's an energy of empowerment wishing to be born in my life.

To receive this energy I must give it conscious energy to help birth it into the world, but I have been distracted, and not taking responsibility for its incubation, the Hawk, a Quicksliver messenger of Fate is warning me I can not avoid this, it must come to be to move into the next stage of my life!

There is a new time coming, and energy of rebirth, but through some subconscious fear I haven’t allowed it to come into fruition. I look deep within myself, and then a vision begins to form.

I see myself standing on the cliff edge, staring into the horizon, the sun is about to rise, this is a Luminal time, a place between 2 worlds where the veil between this and the Otherworld is very thin.

A new Day, a new time is dawning, there is a time to leap, like the Wanderer, into the unknown. The fear that's preventing me from leaping is the fear of the unknown. I realize that I am at a boundary between 2 worlds: an old life, and a new one that's trying to emerge- I fear that I may not recognize myself when I leap!

This is a leap that will require faith! That's what the dream was trying to tell me, to stop battling my own faith because it's strong, and there is nothing to fear but the fear itself, and that is just a Trickster Spirit that I am invoking all by myself!

So I leap off the cliff and dive, I feel like I am falling for ages in the Vision, and just as I am about to hit the ground I transform into a Hawk, I fly off towards the rising Sun, towards the new destiny!

I come back from my vision, back to the mundane world I realize there are choices to make, plans to make, actions to take! I need to stop fighting myself, today I will take time to contemplate the deeper meaning of the Dream and Vision, this is something I will take into my morning Meditation.

As I look across the room to my Altar dedicated to the Morrighan, she is calling to me. There is more to this Vision, the answers I seek are coming and I will know what the next step is…………… but as they say, that is a story for another day!

Before I stepped onto the Magickal path, before I embraced the Druid path and became a Celtic Shaman, I often felt like I was at the mercy of life. Life always felt like an uphill struggle, I often felt lost.

But now, a Dream, a cup of tea, a few cards and a Vision and I have clarity, changes need to happen, I just need to lean into that energy, face my fears and take the right action!

The action could be a physical one, sometimes it's a ceremony, a ritual or some simple folk Magick, either way I know what needs to be done, and to ignore it will cause me to only wrestle further with myself!

If a Magickal Shamanic life sounds appealing to you find out more here

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