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Training and Courses

Welcome to our Cunning, Folk Healing, Druid training courses, Spiritual courses and healing programs pages

Our Cunning, Folk Healing and Druid training is a unique tradition, known as Shining Fire.
Guided by a vision of a Raven, a Fox, Salmon and a Stag, 4 Paths through the Wildwood were revealed to me.

We have 3 levels currently, which are
Cunning Man/Woman- Self Healing
Cunning Folk Healer- Healing Practitioner
Cunning Druid- Druid Wisdom

Each year, is designed to be taken sequentially, it is a year long and will take you on a deep Path of wisdom and healing. You can either pay for a full year in one go or pay monthly by clicking the "Book Now" links which navigates you to our payment plan pages

We also have two additional programs: 

Sacred Path's, a bespoke made Spiritual Program created just for you.

Sacred Journey, a 14 session, deeply healing and Transformative Program.
You can pay for these by also clicking the "Book Now"

If you require a more bespoke payment plan or you wish to discuss our programs, please feel free to email me at or you use the chat now box.

Cunning Man/Woman- Self Healing

Archway through a hedge with mystical light shining through

Come with me on a Journey exploring the world of the Cunning Man/Woman.

Working over the year with the Raven, Fox, Salmon and Stag,  you will be guided through 4 unique pathways deep into the Wildwood. Each Path represents different skills, tools and healing practices rooted in the Celtic Practice, Mythology and Imagery.

Each session is conducted within a sacred circle, opened and closed like a ceremony. This helps attune the you to the teachings.

The Path of Raven

Learn how to shapeshift into a Raven for otherworldly flight, learn the art of prophecy, how to journey, Learn 4 elemental breaths, how to dissolve blocks with the breath, elemental sounds chanting and shadow healing.

Learn 4 Ceremonies
Raven Sound Healing Ceremony
Raven Shadow Healing Ceremony
Raven Prophecy Ceremony
Raven Breath Healing Ceremony

The Path of the Fox

Learn how to shapeshift into fox to develop cunning, learn how to live in the flow of the natural energies, the wheel of the year, learn how to craft simple charms and tools for healing, learn healing sigil's,  how to look for signs/omens and how to use dream work to heal.

Learn 4 healing ceremonies
Dream Healing Ceremony
Sigil Healing Ceremony
Charm Healing Ceremony
Natural Flow Ceremony

Path of the Salmon

Learn how to shapeshift into a Salmon and travel to the lower world, speak with Spirits/Sidhe/Fae, introduction to soul retrieval/extractions/spirit healing/eat energy, learn the secrets of death and rebirth

Learn 4 ceremonies
Soul Retrieval Ceremony
Spirit Extraction Ceremony
Eat and Transmute Energy Ceremony
Death and Rebirth Ceremony

Path of the Stag

Learn how to shapeshift into a Stag, use hunting skills to stalk yourself (Inner reflection), join the wild hunt meditation, learn plant spirit healing and how to connect with the spirits of nature to form unique healing allies.

Learn 4 ceremonies
Plant Spirit Ceremony 
Nature Spirit Healing Ceremony
Stalking the Self Ceremony
Rewild Yourself Ceremony

The Final initiation concludes your level 1 training, with the transmission of healing, Familiar Spirit connection and power retrieval.

Level 1

Cunning Folk Healer- Healing Practitioner

Photo of Herbs, rocks, Berries and Bottle of Liquid

Join me a second Journey to deepen your skills further! Learn more advanced healing techniques to add to your tool/skill box. Taking your healing skills to heal others in this practitioner level program.

Each session is conducted within a sacred circle, opened and closed like a ceremony. This helps attune the you to the teachings.

Path of the Raven

Deepen your ability to use breath, sound and deep reflection as a medium for healing. Learn how to craft healing journeys using breathwork and visualization, learn how to use drums, rattles and chanting to create healing 

Learn 4 new ceremonies
The Journey Ceremony
Drum and Sound Healing Ceremony
The Mirror Ceremony
The Obsidian Caves Ceremony

Path of the Fox

Create more complex forms of charms to heal, how to use a plethora of stones to create healing tools, go deeper into dreams to find hidden messages, heal old wounds

Learn 4 new ceremonies
Hollow bones, cleansed blood and pure breath ceremony
Dreams Of The Past, Present and Future Ceremony
Healing Wounds Ceremony
Moon Phase Ceremony

Path of the Salmon

Delve deeper into Shamanic spirit healing, through guided journeys retrieve lost soul parts, extract unwanted spirits, absorb and transform/transmute heavy/dense energy, learn water healing

Learn 4 new ceremonies
Sacred Wells Ceremony
Advanced Soul Retrieval Ceremony- past lives
Advanced Spirit Extraction- clearing family lines
Sacred Water Healing Ceremony

Path of the Stag

Learn how to deepen your plant spirit healing ceremonies, learn how different oils can be used in healing and create complex oil blends, learn advanced smudging techniques for healing, divination, clearing and protection.

Learn 4 unique ceremonies
Advanced Plant Healing Ceremony- connecting with the energy of plants
Sacred Oils Ceremony
Sacred Smoke Ceremony
Horns of Power Ceremony

The Final initiation concludes your level 2 training, with the transmission of healing, Spirit totems and power retrieval.

Level 2

Cunning Druid- Druid Wisdom

Photo of a Stag Skull

Join me for another Journey deepening your understanding of Celtic Shamanism, this time exploring Druid Practice, learn to use story, myth and magick to weave beautiful meditative journeys to help heal, balance and clear.

Trackways and Journeys

Meet Elen of ways your guide through the 3 Realms, explore the land, Wildwood and Shadow wood, Sea and Sky. Journey to the Otherworld, Underworld and Realm of the Shining Ones.


Meet Merlin, and travel to to Draigsidhe (Dragon)  realms of Earth, Water and Air with Merlin, learn a deeply Celtic inspired form of Ceremonial Magick.


Learn how to use the Ogham, the Celtic Tree Language. Using the Ogram as a divination tool, how to use Ogham chanting to clear energy blocks, heal, and create altered states of consciousness, how to create Ogham scripts as a magickal construct and as a form Sigil Magick.

Bone reading, learn how to create your own set of Bones to be used in Divination, how cast and read the Bones.

Myths and Stories

Learn about the Myths and Stories of Ceridwen/Taliesin, the many faces of the Morrighan, the Greenman/Greenwoman. Crane bag, learn how to construct your physical and inner bag, learn about the 4 treasures of the Celtic world- the Sword of Nuada, Spear of Lugh, Dagda’s Cauldron and the Stone of Destiny.

Arthurian myths and stories, learn the key players, archetypes and unique placement within our Celtic Shamanic path Shamanic path. Deepen your understanding of King Arthur, Merlin, Guinevere, Lancelot, the Knights, Morgana, Lady of the Lake and Morgan Le Fey.


Meet Brigid, learn how to draw on the Eternal Flame. Learn how to use the Eternal Flame to empower and clear energy blocks. Learn how to use the Eternal Flame to heal yourself and others.

Introduction to the Cauldron of Incubation, Motion and Wisdom Using the Cauldrons to heal Using the Cauldrons to heal within a Shamanic context, including their connection to water healing, purification, death and rebirth.

Signs and Symbols

Symbols of Druidism  Cran Bethadr, Awen, Triquetra, Spiral and Triskelion. Using the symbols of the Druid to cast divination, charm and as focus for power. Using the symbols of the Druid to attune and empower objects, used to transmit knowledge to and attune people.

The Final initiation concludes your level  3 training, with the transmission of healing, Spirit totems and power retrieval.

Level 3
Sacred Path's

Sacred Path's Program

Photo of a wooden bridge in a Forest scene with a mystical light

Embark on a Transformational Journey along your Sacred Path

Welcome to the 12-Month Personalized Spiritual Development and Inner Healing Program, where your unique needs and aspirations take center stage. This exclusive program, infused with over 20 years of profound knowledge, is designed to empower you on your spiritual path like never before.

Tailored to Unleash Your Full Potential

No two programs are alike because no two individuals are alike. I will pour my expertise into crafting a program that aligns perfectly with your desires, ensuring a transformative experience tailored specifically to your needs. Together, we will delve into a wide range of topics, giving you the flexibility to choose the areas that resonate with you the most:

Meditation and Breathwork: Discover inner peace and cultivate a deeper connection with yourself through these powerful practices.

Inner Healing, Chakras, and Energy Work: Unlock the potential for emotional and energetic balance, and experience profound healing from within.

Shadow Work, Inner Work, and Mystical Journaling: Dive into the depths of your subconscious, heal unresolved wounds, and gain profound insights through transformative self-reflection.

Psychic Development: Awaken your intuitive abilities and expand your perception of reality.

Inner Child Healing: Heal and nurture your inner child, unlocking a deep well of self-love and emotional freedom.

Magick and Spell working: Harness the power of manifestation to create the abundant life you deserve.
Archetypes: Explore the universal patterns of the collective unconscious and gain profound insights into your true self.
And so much more! You have the freedom to mix and match these topics, creating a program that resonates with your unique spiritual goals and aspirations.

The journey begins with an initial discussion, where we dive deep into your aspirations and objectives. From there, I will craft a comprehensive program exclusively for you. Together, we will embark on this transformative journey, guided by the following components:

2 x 90-minute mentoring sessions per month: Receive personalized teachings, insights, and guidance to accelerate your spiritual growth.
Guided meditations, worksheets, tools, and resources: Access a wealth of transformative materials that support your learning and practice.
Progress evaluation and goal setting every 3 months: Celebrate your milestones, assess your progress, and set new goals to propel you!

Sacred Journey

Photo of a Magickal door to another realm

Embark on a Sacred Journey: Rewrite Your Story, Reclaim Your Power

Unlock the hidden potential within you as you embark on a profound journey of self-transformation and healing. Within each of us lies a tapestry of stories, but not all of them empower us to live our best lives. In ancient Celtic tradition, these stories were known as Geis – limiting beliefs and taboos that held back even the most heroic figures. Just like those legendary characters, you too can break free from the chains of your Geis and create a new narrative that empowers and uplifts.

Have you ever heard these phrases growing up?

"As long as you live under my roof, you will obey."
"I work hard to provide for you, yet you're ungrateful."
"You're so (insert insult)."
"I love you, but you're always naughty/make me so mad."
"We don't do X in this family."
"You won't see/date X as long as you live under my roof."

These messages form your Geis – disempowering life scripts that unconsciously shape your reality and hinder your growth. But what if you could rewrite your story? Imagine stepping into the roles of legendary figures like King Arthur, wise Merlin, enchanting Guinevere, or valiant Lancelot. What if your nemesis was simply the story you've been telling about yourself?

Welcome to the Sacred Inner Healing Journey, a transformative experience that combines power retrievals, empowering narratives, profound meditations, sacred initiations, activations, magic, and ancient mythology. Over the course of 14 sessions, you will:

Break free from the Geis that hold you back in various areas of your life.
Craft a powerful new story aligned with your deepest desires, allowing it to manifest into reality.

Heal your mind, body, spirit, and emotions, releasing the spirit intrusions that cause imbalance and illness.

Tap into unlimited reserves of inner power, becoming a free, Spirit-led, sovereign being in harmony with yourself and the world.

This is your opportunity to rewrite your story, reclaim your power, and live an empowered, balanced, and harmonious life. Through sacred rituals, guided meditations, and ancient wisdom, you will transcend the limitations of your old narrative and become the author of your own extraordinary story.

Are you ready to embark on this sacred path of healing and empowerment? Join the Sacred Inner Healing Journey today and unleash your true potential. 

Sacred Journey
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