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Reclaim your personal power with The Cunning Grove. 

Cunning Practices, Folk Healing, Readings, Druid Training and Witchcraft supplies

About Me
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Hi I'm Paul

Cunning Man and Healer

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I have been a Practitioner of Celtic Witchcraft, Druidism and Healing for over 20 years. I started learning Reiki Healing in 2005, becoming a Reiki Master in 2014, I have trained in further healing techniques, including Celtic Cunning, Folk and Healing practice.


I combine Cunning, Druidism, Celtic Mythology, Folk healing, modern energy medicine techniques like EFT and therapeutic techniques such as shadow work and inner child healing.

I work with clients to help them uncover their life script, the disempowering story that they operate from that causes them to lose power. I guide them un-weave the old story so that they can reweave a new, powerful story from which to birth a happier, more abundant life.

I am a featured speaker on Sacred Segments, a fortnightly healing and spiritual development show, where I facilitate inner Child meditations and talk about the wisdom Celtic Tree and Tree Magick.

My Story
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About Me

My Story

I have been in communication with the Spirits ever since I was a young boy. Whilst I tried to deny my experiences, by the time I reached the end of my teens my life started to collapse under the weight of drug addiction and trauma. 

I began an incredible journey that would lead on an adventure of self discovery and ancient wisdom from around the world. That journey would eventually lead me to discover Celtic Witchcraft, Shamanism, Druidism and train in a variety of healing and therapeutic modalities.

My journey has created a deep and profound love of nature, Spirits, and Celtic  wisdom- both of which flow seamlessly through my services and teachings.


Within my own Witchcraft, Druidic and Folk Magick practice I work within Celtic Pantheon, with The Morrighan, Cernunnos, Elen Of the Ways, Brigid, Lugh, Dagda, Danu and of course the Sidhe (Fae)

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Celtic Witchcraft Shop

As my path is a combination of Celtic Witchcraft, British Folk Magick, practices of the Cunning Folk and Druidism, the shop very much reflects this flavour. 

Of the products that we make ourselves, everything that is put into them is of my design, from the words in the Spell boxes to the recipes for the Incense, Oils and Spell Blends. I have poured over 20 years of Craft wisdom and Knowledge into the shops design.

The shop started off with just a small selection of Incense, Oils and candles grew very quickly. The shop is ever expanding, developing and growing.

We are committed to bringing you high quality items, most of which are made by myself from only the best ingredients. Where products are bought in we ensure that the quality of the items reflect the same standards that we hold our own products too.


We use Organic, Food grade herbs, Organic oils, natural Beeswax, our packaging is recycled and we only work with ethical companies that align with our values.

If you would like to learn more about our products please click on the below link and visit our shop pages.

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Celtic Witchcraft
Celtic Wisdom
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Celtic Wisdom

In the Celtic mythology and teachings, we have the word Geis (pronounced gesh), in the ancient tongue it meant curse or taboo. Many of the old Celtic hero stories revolved around the character being placed under a Geis, either as a curse or taboo, and their journey to end this Geis.

How though does this relate to our modern life?

All of us have grown up hearing less than empowering messages, we have been told we are too much of something, or not enough of something else. We have all been called names, cut down in our greatest moments of excitement.

We have learned all to easily what is expected of us if we are to receive love, affection, attention, praise and positive reinforcement; we no all to well the consequences if we do not!


We have been raised in family and generational beliefs systems, and rules life "we don't vote X in this family".

These become our Geis, our life script, the limiting and often self defeating life story that we act out of.

And that's where I come in!

Using my unique blend of Celtic Shamanism, wisdom and healing, I guide my clients through the process of removing old beliefs and creating new and empowering ones.

Celtic Shamanism
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Cunning Man

Core Philosophy

​In Shamanism the soul is seen as three component parts. The part that connects us to divinity.

The part that connects us to our power animal or sky being- we could consider our connection to personal power. The part that connects to our tribe or community. Central to the Celtic traditions is the symbol of the Tree of Life, known as the Crann Bethadr.


The roots of the Tree represents the Under world, a place of rest, wisdom and healing. Here we journey to meet our Spirit Animals, and a plethora of different spirits. There are ancestors here, but these are Ancestors to the land, not necessarily blood Ancestry.

​The trunk represents the middle world, which is this physical reality, and a Spirit Realm, which lies out of phase with this reality. It is full of wondering spirits. There are many corridors and avenues off to the sides, many Hedges to cross, Hills to explore full of of Spirits, Fae/Sidhe and other beings, even Gods.


The branches represent the upper world, also a place of rest, the realm of the Ancestors and Sky beings. Here is the place of the Mighty Dead, that many call the Ascended. It is a place of learning and healing.


In our programs we combine the concepts of the Higher self, the Inner Child and Shadow, overlaying this over the Tree of life.


The Shadow is located in the roots, connecting the Shadow to key concepts such as healing, wisdom and insight. Through repressing elements of our self we loose personal power. 

The Inner child is trunk of the tree, the Inner child is our true self stunted by years of trauma.

The physical body stores much of our trauma, causing us to wear social masks; hiding who we are. 


The Higher self relates to the branches of the tree. Our higher self connects us to the upper realms, and is our guide through our Spiritual Journey.​​​​

Shamanic Healing
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Folk Healing

Poor health occurs due to a loss in personal power at one of the 3 levels of the soul/spirit mentioned above. This fundamental loss of essential power opens up the body to "Spirit Intrusions". Spirit Intrusions can take many forms, but all attack the body on a physical, emotional, mental or spiritual level. 

As The Cunning Path is a process of deepening our connection and relationship to the Spirits, we respect each Spirit. As such, we treat the invading Spirit with the same level of respect as any other Spirit. Great care is taken to extract the Spirit and help it pass back into the Spiritual Realms. 

During a typical healing session the client is guided into a calming forest meditation whilst I journey to Otherworld, connect with my Familiar Spirit's and communicate with the invading Spirit. The Spirit and any unhealthy energy is removed, and sacred herbs are placed in the body, along with drawing healing energy up from Mother Earth. Whilst this is a symbolic experience the healing is powerful and affects the physical body , bringing healing, clearing and balance. 

During a healing session sacred herbs are burned, the Drum ( I use a Bodhran), rattle, singing bowl are used, and on occasions Stones and other power items.

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Druid and Cunning Training

Guided by a vision of a Raven, Fox, Salmon and Stag, Our Healing Practitioner Training brings a system of Cunning and Druid practice that is accessible for all based on direct, personal revelation.

Our training is deeply rooted in the Celtic Worldview, bringing ancient myth, mystery and magick to life.


With a program that encompasses tools of transformation and healing alongside practices to integrate into modern life, bringing connection, wisdom and inner power, empowering my clients to write a whole new story for themselves!

Celtic Shamanism Programs
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